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For registered members who make an annual donation minimum of $10, we offer our time as a service to answer questions you may have regarding Colorado 13ers. Since it will take a few years to load in the routes for all 584 summits, if you have a question regarding a peak we have not yet provided beta on, use this form to contact us. We're glad to at least attempt to answer your question(s). Just remember that like you, we don't like sitting in front of this computer all day and would much rather be out climbing a peak. So don't expect an immediate answer on a weekend. Give us a day or two to respond.

Other reasons to contact us: To offer corrections to beta we have provided including; GPS coordinates, mileages, elevations, names, changes in trailheads, trail and road closures, camping beta, incorrect, inaccurate, misleading or confusing directions, suggest other routes you have personally used, or anything else that will help make the beta on this site more useful and accurate.

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