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About the Climbing Cooneys

The "Climbing Cooneys" (Tim & Carrie) have been visiting Colorado summits since 1975. Married in 1978, Tim finished all the 14ers in 1983 and Carrie finished in 1987—after given birth to two children, Shaun and Sharon. In 1994, Tim & Carrie finished the 100 highest Colorado summits; by 1995, they had finished the 200 highest. Then in 2002, it was the 300 highest. At that point, they began to realize that finishing all the Colorado 13ers could become a reality. That goal was finished on August 3, 2013 on Boreas Mountain, accompanied by friends, family, and some noteworthy fellow-peakbaggers.

Climbing Colorado 13ers has not been their only interest. From their Grand Junction home, Tim & Carrie have put in thousands of miles of road biking including some notable "century" rides both in and out of state. They also enjoy mountain biking in and around the Grand Junction area as well as Moab. In the winter, they relish the fresh powder of the Grand Mesa and spend many weekends enjoying the snowy backcountry and Nordic trails and also downhill skiing.

In recent years, they've branched out into technical canyoneering and have enjoyed an entirely different world than the Colorado high country by venturing into the Utah desert to clamber through remote slot canyons—frequently visiting the famous Zion National Park.

Join us in our outdoor adventures and use this site to enhance your own appreciation and enjoyment of this beautiful creation. We also invite you to visit our photography site,, which is one small way we can share together in the beauty that surrounds us. Any photos you see on can also be made available for sale.

The Climbing Cooneys

Our "Credentials"


Climbed all Colorado Ranked 13ers
Climbed all 584 ranked Colorado 13,000 foot summits. Completed in 2013. Last summit was Boreas Mountain. First 13er climbed was in 1987 and from what we can remember, we believe that was Horseshoe Mtn. in the Mosquito Range. Completed the 100 highest in 1994. Completed the 200 highest in 1995. Completed the 300 highest in 2002. From that point on, we changed our strategy to include any ranked 13er between 301 and 637 in a given area we visited. So we completed the 400, 500, 600 and 637 highest all by the summer of 2013, having taking another 11 years to finish. Then in 2022, we went back and climbed all the new summits added by Lidar measurements.

Climbed all 53 ranked Colorado Fourteeners
Tim Cooney began climbing the 14ers in 1975. He completed them in 1983. Carrie Cooney climbed her first 14er in 1977 and finished in 1987. Tim Cooney has since climbed all but 3 of the 14ers at least twice.

Canyoneering: Began technical canyoneering about 2010 and since then have completed well over 100, technical canyon descents.


Grand Junction Tour of the Valley
An annual Grand Junction event. We have participated in this for most years over the past 20. Tim has always completed the full century ride while Carrie has done the 50 mile, 75 mile and 100 mile routes at various times.

Tour de St. George
Tim & Carrie have both participated in this century ride three times, held each fall in St. George, Utah.

The Death Ride
Reputed to be one of the most difficult citizen rides in the country, The Death Ride is held in Markleville, CA each July, which is a little south of Lake Tahoe. The one day ride covers 129 miles, gaining over 15,000 vertical feet in elevation over a series of five mountain passes. elevations range from 5,000 ft. to 8,700 ft. Tim & Carrie completed this ride together in 2010.

The Moab Century Tour
Tim & Carrie both completed this full century ride that took participants over the LaSalle Mountain Loop Road which includes "The Big Nasty," a climb section that tops at 19% grade.

Bicycle Tour of Colorado 2016
Colorado's original "loop tour," in 2016, BTC ran from Montrose to Ouray; Ouray to Durango; Durango to Cortez; Cortez to Telluride; Telluride to Naturita and Naturita back to Montrose. This tour covered 391 miles ridden over six days with a rest day in Telluride. Total elevation gain exceeded 27,000 ft. Tim and Carrie completed this ride together and it was their first, week-long supported ride.

Copper Triangle Ride
The Copper Triangle Ride is a supported, one-day ride that begins and finishes at Copper Mountain Resort. The ride covers appx. 80 miles with over 6,000 feet of elevation gain. It travels from Copper Mountain resort to Leadville, over Tennessee Pass, down to Minturn, up through Vail, over Vail pass and back to Copper Mtn. We completed this ride in 2021.